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We are Benny's BSU Rentals.

Our owner began investing in Ball State in 1987 with a home at 1404 Marsh Street and a mission to provide the students of Ball State high-quality houses for rent near Ball State. Now you won't find the Marsh Street house for rent because it is now Kinghorn Hall, but you will find the same great BSU campus rentals with Benny's BSU Rentals.

We are not a big rental company, but we have something they don't. We have a passion for providing some of the best in BSU off campus housing students can find. Our motto is "treat people the way you want to be treated and make a positive difference."

We own all of the properties that we lease and treat them just like our own home. With Benny's BSU Rentals, you will find newly renovated properties, close to campus, that cater to college students.


We know that getting a degree takes a lot of time, effort, and considerable investment. You need to spend time doing what you came to Ball State to do. Benny's BSU Rentals will do the same.


We hope to hear from you soon!

Benny's Rentals creates Living Room for Ball State…… And wants to create yours!

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